Software Development: A Guide for Businesses to Get Started

Bradley Russell 2017-03-19 21:00:00

Software development covers a wide spectrum of activity including computer programming and creating applications and frameworks that assist businesses in their daily functions. In a narrow sense, software development is the actual process of writing and maintaining source code for programs, but it is much more than that.

It actually involves all of the steps from imagining and creating processes through the planning and implementation phases of software products. It may include research, testing and maintenance activities involving any business computer program.

Companies need software for many purposes and almost every business will need some form of help to develop customized software for their business needs. That will likely include some or all of these items: Business Intelligence software design and development, as well as web design support and assistance to develop mobile applications.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence software is the combination and coordination of software applications within an organization or business. It is designed to analyze all of the systems that are at work in order to maximize performance. Most organizations collect and store vast amounts of information and data that needs to be accessed and shared throughout the business in an effective and timely fashion. This requires business intelligence software and programming so that diverse parts of the organization, like sales and accounting can access and fully utilize this information.

A software development consultant can help an organization build and maintain their business intelligence system. This can be tailored to meet the direct needs and aspirations of the individual business and allow them to capture and manipulate all of their data in a useable format. The business intelligence system can then track key performance indicators, monitor their implementation, and report regularly on results.

The benefits of good business intelligence software are better information which leads to better decision making and better overall corporate performance.

Mobile application development

Mobile application development is the term used for the development of software that allows mobile devices like smart phones or tablets to be accessed by other programs. Mobile applications or apps can be pre-installed on phones or personal devices or delivered through the Internet by downloading. They provide businesses with a way to allow their clients or customers to have instant and mobile access to their services.

Mobile apps are created in a similar manner to other web applications but they are specifically designed to fully utilize and maximize the features which are already on the mobile device. This makes them particularly attractive to businesses who want direct access to the marketplace for their goods and services.

The advantages of mobile applications are obvious and the need for mobile application development will only increase as we move forward into the future. Mobile applications allow businesses to stay connected to their customers and allow them to reach even more potential ones. A software development consultant with an expertise in mobile app development can help companies increase their availability and connectivity in their local market and around the world.

This could include customized apps for phones and tables, and access across all mobile platforms including Apple and Android systems. They will also help businesses maintain their systems and provide a mobile rescue service if an older program goes off track.

Web Design Services

Every business needs a presence on the Internet. The best way to do that is through a professional and customized website. In working with a website design or development consultant it is important to know what you want so that they can deliver it. Here are some questions you might ask them and yourselves before you begin that important process.

  • Do they have expertise and experience developing websites for similar companies?
  • Will they do the full web design or are there parts you have to do?
  • Will you own the design and have copyright for all software and the domain name?
  • How long will it take them to complete the job?
  • Will the web design services be done in-house, or do they contract out any of the work?
  • Is the price too high or too low? (Get comparison bids)